The EM-SIG actively participated in the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business held in Warsaw, Poland, from July 5 to July 9. Throughout the conference, we organized three significant activities that engaged participants and promoted networking opportunities.

On July 7, the AIB Chapters and SIGs Social session took place, providing a platform for attendees to connect with EM-SIG leaders.


The following day, on July 8, the EM-SIG organized the Emerging Markets SIG Meet-and-Greet / Info Session. During this session, participants enjoyed a lunch while learning more about the EM-SIG’s objectives, initiatives, and ongoing projects.


One of the key highlights of the event was the panel discussion titled “Emerging Market Shared Interest Group: Amplifying the Impact of a Large Community.” Chaired by Prof. Helena Barnard, this panel brought together participants with diverse backgrounds and interests. The attendees were divided into several groups, each led by an EM-SIG leader, to discuss and explore the future directions and potential of the EM-SIG.